The History

Nowhere Fast Development is a small, independent development studio that focuses on mobile applications and games.  You can read about our app design philosophy here and our game design philosophy here. has existed as a web site since the late ’90’s and was most active as a daily updated blog from 2006 to 2008.  It is now the home of Nowhere Fast Development.

The Name

Originally was chosen to be an easy to remember name that was endearingly self-deprecating.  It’s a phrase that means spinning your wheels and burning energy but actually getting nowhere.  It’s flashy futility.

Now it has a different meaning.  “Nowhere” no longer represents a lack of motion or a lack of a goal state, but instead it symbolizes dropping the destination as the purpose of the journey.  “Fast” isn’t expressing futile, wasted energy but the ideal of constant movement and learning for their own sake.

The Goal

Nowhere Fast Development is aspirational.  The goal is to release products that are functional, useful and entertaining while constantly learning to be better developers.