At Nowhere Fast Development we follow a few simple guidelines when it comes to apps.

Programs can quickly grow larger then you intended and that can add time, complexity and headaches for everyone involved. You don’t need to be everything for everyone, and some cool features aren’t always going to make sense.
User Focused
It’s easy to design for yourself, but if you want other people to use your products then you need to design for your audience. Keeping a focus on user experience, user needs and user issues can produce better products that are iterated faster.
The Better Way
There are two ways to solve every problem: the way that works, and the better way. When a problem is solved and it works, use it, but when you face that problem again, try to figure out the better way.
Monitization that Makes Sense
This isn’t a charity, but monetization needs to be based on the app and the app is based on the user. Make money, but don’t let it get in the way of the use experience.
Keep Learning
Above all, learn something new – a new way to do something, a new language, a new skill – with every project.