At Nowhere Fast Development we keep a few things in mind when working on our games.

Games Can be Art
Games are expressive and can both be and include art. Design, story, audio, graphics – every element can be a work of art in and of itself or an important key to one complete piece.
Games Don’t Have to be Art
While games can be art, they certainly don’t have to be – and that’s important to keep in mind. Compelling gameplay and a sense of fun are every bit as important.
Context Matters
Even the simplest game can have a story and it’s worthwhile to spend the time to craft one.
Gameplay Matters More
Great gameplay can save a poor story, but a great story will not save poor gameplay.
No Pay to Win
Ever. That’s just not cool.
Listen to Gamers, but Not Too Much
The gaming community can be a great place, but it can also be a rabid mess. Listen to feedback but don’t ever become beholden to it.
Keep learning new things, and keep trying new techniques.