Simplici3 is a match 3 puzzle game for Android. It was built with Pygame and the Pygame Subset for Android. Simplici3 uses the Xolonium font.


Simplici3 was designed to explore the core match 3 game mechanic without any superfluous fluff. There are no jewels, candies, or micro-transactions, and you aren’t asked to log in to Facebook or Twitter to tell the world your score. You’re just trying to match at least three coloured squares in a row so you can score some points.

  • Core match 3 without pointless distractions.
  • Simple, quick, and addictive gameplay.
  • No microtransactions.
  • Color-blind mode.

Simplici3 is available now on the Google play store!

Simplici3 Full Version Google play download.

Simplici3 Free Version Google play download.